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Karen Anzinger teaching at Summer in Words 2014

So thrilled to announce that Karen Azinger will be teaching at Summer in Words.

Karen Anzinger

     KAREN L. AZINGER has always loved fantasy fiction, and always hoped that someday she could give back to the genre a little of the joy that reading has always given her. Eleven years ago on a hike in the Columbia River Gorge she realized she had enough original ideas to finally write an epic fantasy. She started writing her epic medieval fantasy, The Silk & Steel Saga, and never stopped. The first five books of her epic fantasy, The Steel Queen, The Flame Priest, The Skeleton King, The Poison Priestess, and The Knight Marshal, are published and getting great reviews. The sixth and final book of the saga, The Battle Immortal, is slated to be published in Oct 2014. Before writing, Karen spent over twenty years as an international business strategist, eventually becoming a vice-president for one of the world’s largest natural resource companies. She worked on developing the first gem-quality diamond mine in Canada’s arctic, on coal seam gas power projects in Australia, and on petroleum projects around the world. Having lived in Australia for eight years she considers it to be her second home. She lives with her husband in Portland Oregon, in a house perched on the edge of the forest. You can learn more at her website, or at her Facebook page for The Steel Queen. Karen loves to hear from her readers!

 Karen Anzinger cover montage

The Silk & Steel Saga is an epic medieval fantasy full of plots, battles, romance, and schemes that will never let you underestimate the ‘weaker’ sex againA fast-paced action fantasy with a stunning female lead, this epic saga is brimming with knights and swords, castles and monasteries, sorcery and seduction. If you love Game of Thrones or Tolkien, then this saga is for you.


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Matt Love Keynote speaker at Summer in Words 2014


ImageMatt Love lives in Astoria on the Oregon Coast and is a lifelong educator and publisher of Nestucca Spit Press. He’s the author/editor of 11 books about Oregon. In 2009, Love won the Oregon Literary Arts’ Stewart H. Holbrook Literary Legacy Award for his contributions to Oregon history and literature. His latest book is Rose City Heist: A True Crime Portland Tale of Sex, Gravy, Jewelry and Almost Rock and Roll. His website is

From Of Walking in Rain:

I want to be the Tom Petty, Henry Miller, Harriet Tubman, Steve Prefontaine, Gale Sayers and Daniel of the lion’s den of Oregon rain. Rain plays chess and solitaire with you at the same time. Rain sets up spontaneous stages for unrehearsed performances. Rain brings mountains down to the sea. All my great notions manifest in rain. Threat of rain culls the weaklings. Rain strops those who walk into it. I have divined many of life’s most important intentions in rain. Using an umbrella is like turning off the light before sex. What would happen to our country if we elected a President from the Oregon Coast who knew rain and loved it? I love the smell of wet dogs in the morning—it smells like victory. I’d rather fall in love with a woman of rain, not the sun or moon, but of course, rain isn’t for everyone as I have discovered. Rain portends nothing. It means everything.

Here Matt Love’s blog.

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Summer in Words 2014


We’re finalizing the line up of speakers for Summer in Words 2014 and next comes jigsawing together the schedule. This year we’re bringing back three of the favorite speakers from past conferences, because their practical wisdom,  passion, and commitment to the written word have lingered on.  There will be a special focus on craft and genre this session, so plan on in-depth information helpful for your writing projects.  Registration opens on April 1, 1014. Here are some of our speakers:


Kelly Brown Williams













Cathy Lamb







Randall Platt

Stayed tImageuned for more updates.